Bordeaux, Private Eye.



DELIGHTFUL: This novel is delightful, really imaginative and clever - Dee Burton, author of I Dream of Woody.


GENRE-DEFYING COMIC GENIUS. 'When I  was  sent Bordeaux, Private Eye  for appraisal I was  very busy and,  with no prior knowledge  of the author, had no great  expectations. I imagined  I would  read the  first and last chapter and some  random paragraphs inside before resignedly scheduling  time to edit it. How wrong  I was; I read  the whole thing over one weekend and loved it. Rorie  Smith  takes a literary line for a walk  round a clutch  of believable  and endearing, if eccentric, characters with surreal sub-plots  deftly woven  through. This is genre-defying  comic  genius with a twist in the tail, not so much a  'whodunnit' as a ' who  did they  do it to.' The most fun I've had at work  for a long  time.' - Sarah Dawes,Devon,UK.


CURIOUS: A curious blend of humour, drama, and suspense -  Oliver  Tooley,  Blue Poppy Publishing, Devon, UK.

PHILOSOPHICAL: Bordeaux, Private Eye is an engaging, sometimes improbable novel, which is nonetheless a genuine page-turner. Improbable because it weaves the Queen of England and her social circle into the narrative, yet it still stands as a compelling tale of a philosophical waterfront street photographer and his beautiful circus acrobat wife. It explores the nature of society's power structure and why rebellions against its partiality and unfairness falls so far short of being anyway remedial. Which asks the despairing question: Is what we've got as good as it gets?

- Christy McCormick. Editor, Hong Kong Shipping Gazette, former literary editor of the Montreal Gazette


SURREAL - There is an odd appeal about this surreal little book that defies pigeon-holing. As the title suggests (or perhaps it doesn’t), it’s sort of a detective story set in Bordeaux, mostly. At times it’s hard to tell. With all its twists, sub-stories and asides, the narrative seems to be acting a part itself and daring the reader to stay on the trail of the plot. Perseverance pays off as the main characters, photographers-turned-sleuths Bill and Polly Smith, get their teeth into their subject amid all the diversions. The writing flows and keeps the intertwined stories moving along at pace. It’s short enough to finish in one sitting, which could be a good idea - to avoid getting lost in a book the wrong way!

  1. Chuck Grieve, Editor, Mosaique Press, Dordogne, France.



QUIRKY - Don’t expect a conventional amateur sleuth story here! This is a distinctly different and quirky stroll through Bordeaux. It is a book that deserves to be read at leisure, savouring the asides and enjoying the frequently surprising ride. The author lives in Bordeaux and his knowledge and enjoyment of the city is evident -- -Victoria Corby, Times best selling author


TAKE THE PLUNGE: There are recurrent themes in Rorie Smith’s books: An active but despairing anti-Populist/Establishment stance; A cast of the attractively eccentric but generally unambitious; An obsession with location; that all of the above should make you laugh. While I’ve loved all of his previous books I have wondered whether those themes might be too strong to keep some reading. So, if you’re tempted to take the plunge this is the book as you can take it as a light read in whatever your favourite genre is - thriller, romance, character, place, twist or comedy - take your pick. Yet the underlying obsessions are still there and I think you’ll want to pick up another of Rorie’s books and regret not doing so sooner. But if you do take the plunge, don’t forget the tidal currents…  ‘Merluza’, - former Waterstones manager, Devon, UK.