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One Million Euro

A group of pilgrims led by the long dead poet Walt Whitman and the legendary football manager Sir Roy Babadouche, are walking the Camino de Santiago.

In the group are Echo the African Autodidact, Jack the Devon publican and an unlikely bank robber called Oscar Bebbington. Also in the group are a socialist climber called Wilson,  a dentist by the name of Denis Dennis and Venezia, a jolie Quebecoise. Two donkeys carry their equipment.

The group start their pilgrimage near Marciac in southern France, crossing into Spain via the Col de Somport. Their journey, a distance of 650 miles, takes them a total of 54 days.

One Million Euro recounts their many and strange adventures.

During the course of the journey the pilgrims also tell stories of their lives. Some of these stories are true, but others are made up.




A decorated World War Two hero and a beautiful Thai lady who has suffered for twenty five years with Parkinson's disease are both dead.

They are my father and my wife. This is a memoir of their lives. It is a love story , a story of adventure, a comedy and a homage. There is gambling, a gun, and a bizarre manuscript. 

It is an attempt, by means of fiction, to be true to the spirit of who they were.

It is also an attempt to preserve their memory for generations future. Because if we forget those who have gone before us we forget our history. And if we do not know our history  how can we know ourselves?

Counterpart is also an acknowledgement that there are as many different ways to see a life, or to write a memoir, as there are stars in the sky




When 15,000 children are starving to death everyday is it legitimate to do nothing? When a businessman becomes a tyrant with no redeeming features is it justifiable to kill him?

No? Not even if he threatens to demolish your football club to build a new print works for his newspaper?

These are questions that Arthur Polianski, a photocopier salesman must face after receiving 'bad news' from his doctor.

Spurred into action, Arthur investigates Billy Petersen's background and finds that the destruction of Athletic Football club is only a minor misdemeanour in the catalogue of his crimes. But how to stop him? The solution seems obvious.

Extreme, angry, funny, absurd and ultimately very human, Arthur is a great comic hero, the embodiment of all of us who have been put upon and who have dreamed of fighting back.

"A rattling good read" -Tribune

"Destined to be that rare type of book that people will talk about years from now" - BookLore