is the new boy on the block. Our base is in Cornwall (UK) .We are named after the small Moroccan town of Tan Tan. Our colours represent the blue of the ocean, the yellow of the sand and the red of the sun.

Think global, act local

We are looking for submissions from the four corners of our world. But we put it all together in our small corner of Cornwall. What sort of writing are we looking for? This is an extract from a recent article on the WriteWords site.

‘The thing that will strike us straightaway in a good manuscript is the clarity of the writing. The words will be like shiny pebbles glinting in the sunlight beneath the water of a fast flowing stream. James Salter comes to mind there. The effect is simple, clear cut and refreshing.  And to learn to do it, unless you are one of those rare ‘naturals,’ takes a lifetime of writing, rewriting, thinking, crossing out and starting again. When we talk about clarity we do not mean however that the meaning of the words  has to be clear straightaway. A first reading of the The Pedersen Kid by William Gass  can  leave the reader confused. With a second reading the sense emerges. It is not that those pebbles in the stream are not shiny enough, it is just that Gass has laid them out on his river bed in such an unusual pattern  that it takes  time for the brain to adjust. But finally, when we get the focus, we realise that the words are crystal clear.’
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The Fig Tree 

At the moment my small wooden chalet at Freathy in South East Cornwall is available for rent. Check out the details, photos, at Airbnb or e mail: